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A Bug's Life Activity and Snacks

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This week for Make It Minnie Monday, we decided to relive the incredible journey that is A Bug's Life and learn a little something new along the way. To coincide with a rewatch, we put together three fun activities to do with your kids.

The Figurine Sensory Bag

Play find-a-figurine and keep your child guessing! Plus, this is a no-mess activity.


1. Fill a ziploc bag about 1/4 of the way full with rice, beans, or flour.

2. Add miniature figurines.

3. Make sure to let out all air before closing bag.

4. Have your child search for different figurines inside the bag. 

*Tip: Doing a sensory bag is MUCH cleaner than a sensory cup/bowl/bin. I've been finding rice everywhere for over a week. 

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Activity #2

The Easiest Caterpillar Churros
Snack on sweet Caterpillars while you learn about these leaf eaters.


1. Preheat oven to 375 Fahrenheit.

2. Cover your Pillsbury Crescent Rolls in butter, then roll in cinnamon sugar.

3. Bake for 8-9 minutes.

4. If you want green sugar like in the photos, mix green gel food coloring into sugar. 

*This Learning Tower the girls stand on is a lifesaver! They feel that they're a part of the action so I'm not dealing with crying kiddos at my feet. 

We bought the one in the pictures when Zoey turned one, but I've linked a different one that is MUCH better (folds flat and has closed sides so you don't have to add "safety ropes" like we have on ours). They're an investment, but worth every single penny! 

Activity #3

Butterfly Education Kit

This kit comes with everything you need to watch your caterpillars grow into beautiful butterflies! 

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Now you're ready to cuddle up, eat your snacks, and watch A Bug's Life! Make sure to tag @makeitminnie on Instagram when you have your own bugs day!