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Makeup Links

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Below are links to all the brushes and makeup I use. For the full tutorial, head to @makeitminnie on Instagram and check out my highlights. 


Ultimate Blending Brush (used for concealer)
Small Tapered Brush (used for contour)
Blush Brush (used for blush and highlight)
Small Smudge Brush (for acne spot coverage)
Blending Brush (for eye shadow crease) 
Professional Eyeshadow Brush (used for eyeshadow lid and outer corner) 
Small Angled Brush (used for eyeliner)
Blending Sponge (used for concealer)


Paint Pot (for priming and correcting discoloration of lids)
Makeup Remover Wipes (for cleaning up under eye shadow fall off)

Skin Makeup

Makeup Primer (reduces look of pores and helps keep makeup in place)
Color Correction Stick (used to cover acne and redness)
Powder Foundation (used for acne spot coverage)
MAC Melba Blush   or a good alternative   NYX Ombre Blush


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