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Matching Mini Me Mouse Style

daily disney style disney style make it minnie minnie style style

I am officially one of those moms that says "my kid is growing up too fast". I always rolled my eyes and thought other moms were being overdramatic, but MY KID IS GROWING UP TOO FAST for real! I figure I only have a few years until she becomes too cool for matching, so I'll do it while I can.
I'm a big believer in playing with your children. I think it's extremely important to set aside time each day, even if it's just 30 minutes, to give your child your undivided attention. I can see Zoey light up when we play with her, and when I'm having a rough day, forgetting everything and playing with Zoey changes my whole mood. 
Usually I like playing with Zoey outside, but I'm not the biggest fan of the cold weather in Utah. I want Zoey to at least experience a little of it, so I wrap her up as best as I can before braving the winter! And what cuter way to stay warm than matching mouse ear beanies?? 
ASHLEY: Hat H&M (old, similar style here)
ZOEY: Hat (sold out, similar style here)
Fur Jacket (sold out, similar style here)

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