As the Lunar New Year approaches, Disneyland Resort is gearing up to celebrate this vibrant and significant cultural event in style. From January 23rd to February 18th, guests visiting the resort can immerse themselves in a dazzling array of festivities, entertainment, and culinary delights inspired by the traditions of the Lunar New Year. Here's what you can expect from this year's celebration:

Event Highlights:

  • Mulan’s Lunar New Year Procession: Join Mulan and her dragon friend Mushu as they lead a colorful procession through the park, filled with music, dancing, and traditional Lunar New Year elements.
  • Special Appearances by Popular Disney Characters: Look out for appearances by some of your favorite Disney characters, including Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, dressed in vibrant and festive Lunar New Year attire. Don't miss the chance to take photos with these beloved characters in their special outfits!
  • Innovative Menus Celebrating Delicious Asian Cuisine: Indulge in a variety of mouthwatering Asian-inspired dishes and beverages specially curated for the Lunar New Year celebration. From traditional favorites to unique creations, there's something to satisfy every palate.
  • Commemorative Festive Merchandise: Take home a piece of the celebration with exclusive Lunar New Year merchandise. From themed apparel to collectible souvenirs, these items are perfect for commemorating your visit to this special event.
  • Hurry Home – A Lunar New Year Celebration Pre-show: Before the night falls, be sure to catch "Hurry Home – A Lunar New Year Celebration," a heartwarming World of Color pre-show that tells the tale of a little lantern's quest to reunite with its family for the Lunar New Year.
  • Kid-Friendly Crafts and Activities: Engage your little ones with a variety of Lunar New Year-themed crafts and activities designed to entertain and educate. From coloring stations to interactive workshops, there's plenty for kids to enjoy.
  • Festive Décor and More: Throughout the park, you'll find festive decorations and immersive environments that transport you to the heart of Lunar New Year celebrations. From vibrant lanterns to intricate floral displays, the park is alive with the spirit of the holiday.

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Overall, the Disney California Adventure Park Lunar New Year celebration promises to be a magical experience for guests of all ages. With its blend of cultural authenticity and Disney magic, this annual event is a fantastic way to ring in the Lunar New Year in style. Whether you're a seasoned Disney fan or visiting the resort for the first time, be sure to add this celebration to your must-see list and join in the festivities!

January 23, 2024 — Ashley Wolf

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