It's fall y'all! Isn't it the best time of the year? The changing leaves, sweaters, crisp cool air, soup... I could go on forever with all my favorite things about fall. When Disney came out with the Tinker Bell movies, I instantly knew I would want to be a garden fairy. Not because I have a green thumb, but because I would love to be the fairy that changes the colors of the leaves. 

I'm so lucky to live in Utah where we get to explore the mountain trails and watch all the seasons as they come and go. Zoey couldn't keep her hands off the leaves, and in all honesty, she ate a few of them. It's healthy though, right? Like a salad or something. You can see on her face that she loves being outside and exploring with us. Watching a little human experience things for the first time is the best part of being a mom. 

Fall clothes are my weakness. I have hardly anything for summer, spring, and winter, but I could cover my entire house with blanket scarves and boots. Comment and let me know your favorite fall fashion must haves! 



Shirt: Target, last season (similar style here)



Diaper Bag

Tinker Bell Purse




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