In the spirit of the season, we're here to help you elevate your Halloween style game with a dash of Disney-inspired charm. As you don your favorite Make It Minnie jewelry, we've curated a selection of last-minute Halloween looks that'll make you the star of any spooky soirée. From classic Disney characters to subtle, yet stylish, spooky motifs, these outfits are designed to complement your jewelry effortlessly. Get ready to embrace the spooky chic and make this Halloween one for the books. Let's dive into some bewitching inspiration and transform your October 31st into a magical, Minnie-approved experience. 🎃👻


Shop // Patchwork Ears - Collide Necklace - Blue Makeup - Red Lipstick

- Dress - Lashes


Shop // Similar Green Dress - Tink Purse - Talents Jewelry - Sparkle Shoes - Wings


Shop // Yellow Gown - So Much More Ring - Red Lipstick - Gold Heels

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